I have discovered that there are a number of ways to invoke Cortana on my Desktop in Windows 10. I thought a list in one place might prove helpful to some out there. If I have missed something, feel free to let me know. First, it doesn\’t matter if Cortana is hidden, an icon, or a text box on the task bar for most of these. Here\’s my Top 10 Ways to Invoke Cortana. 1. If you are using Cortana as a search box on the task bar, you can simply type in it to search with Cortana.2. Click/tap the Mic icon in the search box to speak to Cortana.3. If you are using Cortana as an Icon on the task bar, then click/tap, and type into the textbox 4. or click/tap the mic and speak.5. Click/tap start or press the start button on the keyboard and begin typing. It will open and place whatever you type into Cortana\’s search box.6. Set up Cortana for "Hey, Cortana!", and invoke her vocally with "Hey, Cortana!"7. Press Windows Key + Q 8. or Windows Key + S to invoke Cortana ready for typed input.9. Press Windows Key + C to invoke Cortana in listening mode.10. On your touchpad, use a 3 finger tap to open.

Well whatdayaknow… I only used "hey cortana" so far and just typing, but the rest I did not know

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