I have a Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Arc Bluetooth mouse. I\’ve noticed that about 75% of the time when I use the mouse to open the Action Center (bottom right icon on the screen that looks like text bubble, opens notifications and quick actions slide out screen) and then "All Settings" my mouse completely locks up. I mean, it\’s as though the connection has dropped it\’s so bad. I can\’t get it working again until I turn the mouse off and back on again. So essentially, whenever I go into settings from the action center, my Bluetooth mouse locks up and requires reset. I\’m not on any of the insider builds. This is the current commercially available version of Windows 10. And it\’s been going on for over a year — as long as I can remember on this machine. Has anyone else noticed this? Any suggestions? As a bonus annoyance, the fingerprint reader on my keyboard only works some of the time… I bought the fingerprint keyboard that was released with the SP4, to use with my SP3 (read an article about it on this site). It works sometimes, but not reliable at all.

Hi ! It seems to be a problem with your mouse, which I\’m sure you are aware of. On searching, I found this https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?…token=LCEVIB4p Very strange you only experience this when opening the action center. By turning the mouse on and off fixing your issue is like a reboot! Maybe a updated driver would help! Try different USB ports.

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