Hey. You are all awesome. I wrote this in a moment of intense emotions, but I\’ve had a few hours to cool down and come at the problem a little bit more clear-headed. I think my build just isn\’t going to work out with Windows updates so I\’m reinstalling again, disabling automatic updates, and hoping for the best. Thanks so much for your advice and words of support. I love this sub, y\’all are heroes. I realize that blocking updates is not a permanent fix. It\’s temporary for now until I can find the underlying issue. To do that I need a working computer for more than a couple days. Since a few have mentioned it: I reinstalled windows via USB. Many of you have suggested Linux or Hackintosh;https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ I\’ll be looking into those for sure. As for updating BIOS: I tried that last week using flashback, but instead of flashing green led, it flashed for a few seconds then went solid both times I tried it. I followed instructions clearly but I\’m open to taking suggestions and advice then trying again. Again, you all are awesome and I appreciate all of your comments. I hope this thread can help anyone else with similar problems. A couple months ago I upgraded to a Radeon rx580 and last month I bought a new monitor. Twice now I\’ve had an issue of no signal to the monitor after a Windows update. Last week my PC just stopped booting and got stuck in the BSOD loop. I broke down after 4 days of trying every fix possible and just reinstalled Windows altogether. Windows force updated itself when I shut it down before leaving for the weekend. Now, AGAIN, there\’s no signal to the monitor. I used safe mode to download the latest GPU drivers and the screen went black before download finished. Used a restore point I made after reinstalling Windows and now I\’m back in a repair loop. I\’m losing my damn mind with this and could use any ideas.

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