Hello, I have .mkv files with X.264 video and AC3 audio that wouldn\’t play on Windows 10, latest build, Lumia 950XL in the default Films/TV app (There\’s video, but no sound). They play fine in VLC, but it is not a universal app, so doesn\’t serve my purpose with continuum. Do others have the same problem? Is it documented anywhere what codecs the Films/TV app does support? By the way, the same app on Windows 10 desktop can play these files just fine, so looks like something to do with the OS, not the app. Can someone suggest a good Windows 10 universal app which supports a wide variety of codecs (Ready to pay for a good app).

AC3 license issues, same case with mx player in android but can be fixed with custom codecs or using vlc kmp etc Sadly VLC wants to focus on only WP 8.1 app right now Try FLV player if AC3 works you can buy it

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