Can anyone tell please.. What can improved in windows 10 update?

What has improved largely depends on what you are upgrading from. Are you upgrading from Windows 7? 8? 8.1? Or are you upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile? For Windows 10, there are many, many changes under the hood that you won\’t see, and a lot of changes on the surface that you will see. It\’s a brand new OS, going in a new direction to unify the OS experience across a full family of devices and even devices that have yet to be invented. The advantages of Windows 10 are so numerous, it would take too long for me to write them all up, and honestly, I\’m not paid to be a writer. 😉 (I\’m not paid at all. I\’m retired.) These first 2 articles came out before Windows 10, so they are not "all inclusive" of everything Windows 10 can help you with, but it\’s a starting point for a beginner. Here are the 6 new features inside Windows 10 | Windows Central New features and improvements coming to Windows 10 | Windows Central Here\’s what\’s new in the Fall Update, because the OS is now Windows as a Service, and it will constantly change, grow, and evolve over time. Windows 10 November Update – Features, changes, and improvements | Windows Central You can always expect new features to come to Windows 10 without having to upgrade or purchase a new OS again. And here\’s a place to look to keep track of what else is going on with Windows 10. Windows 10 | Windows Central If you were talking about Mobile, then start here ->…-new-post.html That should get you started on the reading.

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