Hi people. I used Lumia 920 for 2 years. Was deeply in love with Windows Phone OS that the lack of apps didn\’t bother me that much. But last year my 920 got stolen, and I was forced to buy a cheap phone. Windows 10 was new and I really liked the old Metro UI, and Windows 10 disappointed me with the new animations and colors and hamburgers. So, I went with Android. I also wanted to test how Android had evolved. The Lollipop update, the newer, cleaner animations, high quality apps caught my attention. I enjoyed my time with Android. Great OS! Did a lot of things, like rooting, flashing different ROMs and much more. But, for some reasons, I\’m compelling to try out Windows again. I missed the live tiles a lot on Android. Live tiles make a great home screen, with the right kind of information. Android widgets, however minimalistic they could be, still feel clunky and not-uniform to me. The Anniversary update on PCs is quite amazing compared to Vanilla Windows 10. My phone usage primarily includes WhatsApp, light Facebook, music, calling and alarm clock, note taking and testing my own apps. I am a developer, well, learning to code, and have 3 apps in the store. Strawberry Weather is the best of them , having been reviewed here on WindowsCentrall! I was testing them on a spare 520. But, I missed the fun of using my own apps! My brother is an app guy, and Android will suit better to him. So much for the talk, as I was away from Windows (Mobile) for a long time, I don\’t know what are the best apps out there currently. Can you guys suggest me the best apps you like? Or new features you love?

Welcome back! Windows 10 Mobile has improved a lot in the past year. App recommendations depends on what things you are into. What phone are you using now?

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