After WIndows 10 Upgrade, I lost my printer on devices. I re-install the printer\’s driver and still it doesn\’t print. All my documents were in queued all the time. And then I visited my "Devices" again and found there were already 2 printers (the other one is with \’Copy 1\’) – most probably that\’s the one I recently installed.Question: Does my printer really was lost after Windows 10 upgrade? or it\’s just there and I just have to do something…? Now, that I have re-installed the driver (Brother DCP-J100) and it appeared I have 2, am I going to uninstall it? It doesn\’t work now, I cannot print, in general, what will I do? Anyone there having the same problem with mine? Microsoft, please help me on this. Life would be too bad when having trouble like this…thanks a lot in anticipation for your prompt response.

after automatic down load of windows ten I can no longer print from my Samsung ml-1740

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