This Alcatel Idol 4S Windows 10 Phone\’s Maps app used to have nice, loud navigation when I was driving. Suddenly it\’s pretty quiet and hard to hear what with the traffic noise on city streets. I can\’t find a way to make it louder. In the app\’s settings it has 3 settings, quieter, normal and louder. Louder is nowhere near loud enough. Why is it so much quieter than it used to be and how an I make it loud again? Thanks for help!

Ah, found the answer. I had it in my data because 2 years ago I had the same problem. I believe it\’s a bug. When in the Maps app, the loudness controls (i.e. the two adjacent buttons on the right upper edge that increase/decrease volume are for Ringer and Notifications, whereas it should be for Music and Apps. Therefore you absolutely cannot change the volume from within the Maps app, which is crazy. I had to open my music app and change the volume there and then go back to Maps to enjoy the increased volume. They never fixed that.

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