Hi all,I\’m running a Lumia 830 on Windows 10, ver: 10.0.10586.107 Noticed a great feature I\’ve been crying for.With my pay-as-you-play data plan, I didn\’t have a way to send or receive "free" MMS unless I turned on my "billable" data which background apps would jump on. Now I see this feature and wonder if it really is the answer to the problem.Can I actually leave my mobile data off and activate this feature (below) for MMS only? System – Messaging – SMS/MMS"Allow MMS if mobile data is off" Is it too good to be true? Anything I still need to concern myself with? I don\’t think setting an MMS APN is necessary, as this didn\’t solve my problem before and my carriers help desk was helpless. Thanks in advance,Gary

Hold the phone… LOL I turned cellular data back on and still got a fail… The file I was trying to send was too large, most likely. It was 1 minute of video at 720P/30fps. So I turned cellular off and tried to send just a pic. Success. 😀

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