In simple words Device Pendo pad 7 a tablet with touch one micro USB and hdmi port. vol +/- and power button.tablet reset and windows 10 upgrade prompt led to an upgrade which I having been regretting from a week now. MS "tech support" doesn\’t technically help and device manufacturer says you are not the first send it back if it is warranty and if not you are F*&(^#. The tablet works fine on 8.1 but when I did the upgrade the touch stuffed up. you touch left of screen the trail shows right vertical scroll shows horizontal trail and vice versa. So in order to roll back the tablet needs you to be connected to mains but to operate the screen you need wireless mouse and keyboard and both of them need the same damn USB port at the same time. NOT GOING TO WORK. HOW DO I ROLL BACK???? tried 3rd party back up to get windows.old to SD but hangs everytime.tried cmd method takeown and xcopy doesn\’t card doesn\’t open in windows…..damn memory overload as the HD is just a measly 16 GB which is almost full.everything else either needs a power connection or USB port for install……last I got was a media creation tool for 8.1 to get the install screen which is stuck at the lang area and stuff which I cant control as the USB is preoccupied with the USB install media and changing the USB device to mouse and keyboard will not work as the drivers are not loaded at that point. What do I do?? It works fine with wireless mouse and keyboard but that defeats the purpose of having a freaking tablet. When upgrade adviser says you are ready and you upgrade doesn\’t mean that you can roll back if you want to.

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