Quick background: when Microsoft began to discontinue support for WP, I reluctantly let go of my last WP and moved to Android. I foolishly thought all smartphones in 2019 had the same basic functionality. The speech to text feature had stopped working on my WP, as well as Cortana working over Bluetooth. Apparently, Android does not have an assistant that functions like Cortana. I have not found an app that will: 1) link to the Bluetooth in my vehicle, AND 2) notify me of incoming texts, AND 3) read the text to me, AND 4) allow me to reply to the text. I would also like an app to take dictation for a reminder and actually notify me of said reminder at the requested time. I have tried Cortana for Android (sadly nothing like the "real" Cortana), Android Auto with and without Google Assistant linked, Samsung\’s Bixby… laughable, and one other.. maybe a Samsung assistant. With each I can hear a text coming in but the app doesn\’t notify me. Ok, so I ask for the message to be read… only to be told I have no new messages. Even the iPhone has Suri. Android is lousy. I was naively hopeful with all of the "Windows for Android" apps, but this is an area that is lacking. I am hoping someone has found an app that can perform the aforementioned tasks on an Android OS. I\’m also hoping Windows returns with a new mobile option. Tomorrow.

I guess it depends on the phone and car? My car, when I connect via BT, aslerts me of an incoming text. I can have it read to me, but I don\’t usually reply.

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