At work today, we had an all day meeting that lasted from 9am to 4pm. The meeting brought together several departments so that we could all collaborate and find out what our technology road map was going to be for the next fiscal year. We had several guest speakers including one from Microsoft that pitched to us why using Office 365 for SharePoint was great for our companies\’ needs. He stated that Microsoft Windows was a first class citizen and Microsoft Mobile was a third class citizen. He then clarified on what third class citizen meant. During his explanation he stated several times that Satya himself refers to Windows Mobile as third class citizen internally. They will ALWAYS develop and update existing apps in this order: Android (First), iOS (Second) and then "maybe" Windows Mobile (Third). There you have it folks, from the horses mouth! Over the months, I\’ve read many comments and replies to people complaining about lack of features in Windows Mobile apps. I hope this validates those complaints and finally helps us realize that we will NEVER have the same features as our competitors. I am very saddened and angry. I \’was\’ a die hard Microsoft fan. I am no longer.

That\’s an interesting choice of words. My only guess is that Microsoft wants to go where the people are first, rather than locking it down to their stuff first and then everyone else next.

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