My windows 10 has been updated to build 1511,10586. So far its going well, I still have to check the sleep mode issues. At the moment most annoying thing for me is in "File explorer" under "This PC" "Documents" & "Pictures" are not pointing to local location! Instead they are now pointing to "One Drive"!!! How do I change that back to local one? If I try to change it via property it doesn\’t allow me to do!

Not sure I can help you because I just updated to W10 myself.But I think you have to "remove" them from "fast access" so right click on them and then "remove them from fast access.And go to the "document" on your local drive and there do the opposite. So UNPIN the ones you do not want and PIN the ones you want. Not sure if I used the correct names because I have a Dutch windows version.

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