I know I know, this might not the right forum to ask, but to be honest, I have no Idea, where I should ask so here is the story. Two years ago I bought a new Laptop with Windows 8 on it (I liked it pretty much), but last december I needed to do a fres install and I used a Windows 8.1 CD to do so.My Windows 8 licens, wich I sved before the fresh install did not work, because I needed to install a windows 8 first … I could not do that, so I asked Microsoft what I should do and if they can help me. The only thing they said was, that I should send my Laptop to Asus, so that they could do it for me. I did not send it to Asus, because I thought I could get a work around and I had a Desktop Pc wich worked perfectly.In the first day of this year my appartment burned down and well I have no PC anymore … **** happens Some stuff survived and I found an old Windows 7 installation CD and a few old Codes of mine. Smart as I thought I would be I installed Windows 7 and wanted to upgrade to 10 from there. Sadly Asus has no working Driver for my networkadapter under Windows 7 and I cant get Windows 10. I used a surftick to get the SP1 for Windows 7 and I tried to download Windows 10 but I need 4 hours for 3%… Does anyone have an idea, how to get windows 10 on this little ******? Without buying a new license of course. I think my key wont work with Windows 10 until I do an upgrade from my actual version. Microsoft said something like "the key need to be activated under windows 10 befor you can use it for a fresh install of it" : / Do I need to wait patiently for Windows 10 to download via the surfstick?

Hi, is your Windows 7 legit? Also what is the network card you can\’t find a driver for? There\’s a few places around to get drivers. Bit odd that Asus wouldn\’t have it as they are typically good with support. You can get an ISO for Windows 10 from here – https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?…token=11ikIT9g You\’ll need your Key from Win7 SP1 – How to Find Your Lost Windows or Office Product Keys or How to Find Your Windows or Office Product Key | PCWorld Instructions – Why can't I activate Windows 10? – Windows Help

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