Hello community! I have upgraded my Vaio to Windows 10 Aniversary update earlier this year and had some troubles with the GPU drivers – ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650. After many tries and searches I have managed to find a functional driver, version 8.723.8.2000 from Vaio UK\’s website. If I am using any newer version of the GPU driver I cannot watch any movies and I can\’t remote play on my PS :/ Because I have disabled GPU driver updates via Microsoft\’s Show/Hide update utility I can use my Vaio without issues. Yesterday I have upgraded to Creators update and unfortunately my old driver does not work anymore… In device manager I get this error "Windows cannot use this hardware device (Code 47)"With newer ATI drivers, the error disappears but I still cannot remote play or play any videos/movies. I am looking for a solution to make Creators update accept my old Vaio Radeon 8.723.8.2000 driver and somehow bypass the Code 47 error. Is there any workaround to fool Windows into accepting my driver? By the way, I have tried everything else, Crimson drivers and any other driver install I could find. None work properly except the old vaio one – 8.723.8.2000. Thank you!Paul

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