Hello, I\’m waiting from HP (because my Pavilion 14 was lost during the travel to their repair service) the delivery of an HP Spectre 2018 (8Gen Processor), as everybody know the HP Spectre has an active pen (like the Surface Pen) that for me (I\’m a student) will be very usefull to take notes during the lessons but I have a doubt: I have a bad calligraphy on paper (I won\’t even think on a screen with digitalizer how bad can be), can Windows automatically improve/correct the stroke, the shapes and the calligraphy in general? I know that exist an OCR function but I\’d really like to have my notes written by me but understandeable :DThanks in advance, Carlo. Note: I\’m really sorry if there are grammar/ortography errors, I\’m still learning and I\’m using a Lenovo Netbook to write this thread, I hope in Your comprehension.

Try Plumbago. It can help straighten your handwriting if it\’s shaky. Actually, OneNote (the Store version) does some smoothing, too, but it\’s not as aggressive. Good luck!

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