My first windows phone was a lumia 1520 and being so old it started to get real laggy and once my mobile banking stopped working in the browser I sold it. I ended up getting a keyone which was a piece of crap and android felt like a glorified windows 95 not to mention google is just one big advertising company. Anyways found a deal on a alcatel idol s4 and it runs great with the updated specs compared to my 1520 all the apps run lighting fast and whatever update microsoft did to edge i am able to use the browser for mobile banking again. I dont see any reason not to continue using these phones until the updates stop, the O/S is still very likeable and i much prefer it to anything else. Especially if you get a newer high end device it runs great. It also never ceases to amaze me how many people see the homescreen and want to see it right away "wow, what phone is that?" etc

Yes the Alcatel Idol 4s is a great phone (T-Mobile version) here. Everything except the cameras and no facial recognition login/DTTW is as good or better than my 950XL. Also runs much cooler In continueum mode.

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