Hi All I\’ve been using the basic outlook mail app on my SP3 and SP4 for nearly a year now and just noticed a potentially massive bug. Over the past 12 months there have been a few occasions when I\’ve not received mail that the sender is adamant he\’s sent. The most recent example has been with Microsoft themselves…I filled out a trade in application for my Band 2 and have been waiting for MS to send a confirmation email….been waiting about a month. So today I call up Microsoft and chew the poor guy out for not sending me any email. He swears blind they\’ve sent like half a dozen mails detailing the exchange process… So both my SP3 and 4 have office 2016, but I\’ve never bothered to set up outlook 2016…until today. I figured I\’d see if much has changed with the programme. I set it up, the mail starts flowing in…and wouldn\’t you know it…every single mail from the MSBand guy drops in too…going all the way back to November. I checked the mail I have in the basic outlook app against my outlook 2016 inbox….damn I\’ve missed some really important mail I\’m not talking about junk and family crap mail….I use my SP3 / 4 for business purposes. These are work enquiries and order requests going back months that just never made it to my inbox. I guess the question I have is: have I set my mail app up wrong? Am I missing a simple setting? Has anyone else noticed missing email in the stock windows 10 mail app?

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