Can we still expect a best on Windows Microsoft experience Should Satya Nadella provide a candid update to the strategy?" On January 21. 2015 Satya Nadella promised a "Best on Windows" Microsoft experience. Though there has been progress toward this goal in the year since the launch of Windows 10 we are yet to attain that goal. We are waiting as Microsoft populates other platforms with Microsoft apps and we see other developers never supporting or leaving the platform. Mobile market share has dipped to 1% in an expected decline since the firm\’s mobile retrenchment. Still, 1% for a critical component of the UWP is not encouraging. So, as Microsoft invests in other platforms amidst these challenges do fans feel that Nadella should provide sort of a "State of the the Ecosystem" address directly referencing the status, progress and challenges to the Best on Windows strategy?Let\’s discuss this here and on Twitter: #BestOnWindows @JLTechWord @SatyaNadella Can we still expect a "best on Windows" Microsoft experience? | Windows Central Further Context Below. One weakness that seems to have plagued Microsoft for many years is poor communication. This is not only true of my perception of their marketing in comparison to that of Apple and Samsung. I think it is also true in how they communicate or fail to communicate to their current and potential fans. I\’ve heard the concerns of Microsoft\’s core supports and share some of them myself. Some of these can be addressed by providing information that someone less plugged into the pulse of the industry may have missed. Other concerns are best or only addressed satisfactorily by Microsoft. Would Nadella candidly meeting users where they are, with a direct address to the status and challenges of the "best on Windows" strategy, be helpful? Is there a middle ground that can be bridged for fans who have championed the platform amid plunging market share, app exoduses and a deluge of negative press that has declared the death of their beloved platform? Admittedly, as they have waited for the manifestation of the "best on Windows" experience, encouraging progress has been made toward ambitious goals such as Nadella\’s 2014 vision of an all-encompassing cloud-based platform: Microsoft has a unique ability to harmonize the world\’s devices, apps, docs, data and social networks in digital work and life experiences so that people are at the center and are empowered to do more and achieve more with what is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity � time!

I do believe Mr. Nadella should fess up.Microsoft mobile has to be a hot topic on the upper floors in Redmond. Seems so odd to me that a company like Microsoft feels it needs to kiss the butts of the WP fans it evidently has abandoned.Why not just admit failure? Perhaps the folks at Microsoft were just hoping that simply ignoring something it started that may have inclined with a steady effort would just lay down and die by itself. Isn\’t this how it\’s supposed to work?Maybe not when people inside your company refuse to let their work get tossed. Unless the power in the company that still wants to not hemorrhage $$ can fire everyone that keeps pushing for success. Microsoft is well known for internal battling between entities.It\’s almost like no one is in charge up there in Redmond… Today\’s billionaires have turned into a lazy bunch when it comes to good business.

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