I played around with this some in the past, but never really got it to work the way I was hoping. I picked up a cheap 640 and wanted to let me kids use it as camera, MP3 player, and for some games. They don\’t need an account and was planning on using mine since I used it to buy a few games for them over the years. I was going to use Kids Corner but it looks like some of the apps they need are not accessible. The main one that they\’d want is Cortana. When doing school work it is really nice if they can ask Cortana to spell words for them along with a few other situations that could be useful. Is there anyway to access Cortana from kids corner? If there is not, any suggestions on how to best secure the phone? It looks like you can\’t remove OneDrive and email info fully. I really wish they\’d made the store on mobile the same as they did on the desktop where you can log into the store separately and then it just limits the number of devices you can download apps to. I\’d be happy if I could just transfer purchased apps to a different account. Thanks for any help.

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