You have to be 14 years old or older to join Windows Insider. This creates an issue for kids – who have Lumias (640 AT&T Go Phone) – and want to upgrade to Windows 10. What\’s the best way to do this? Should the phone be hard reset – setup with an Insider Member – upgraded – and hard reset again? But when the Windows 10 Mobile phone is used by the 9-year-old – that person could no longer install the Windows Insider app. Does that mean the phone would no longer get upgrades to Window 10 Mobile. Any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps a question for Gabe on twitter. Would be nice if the Production or Release Preview tracks would permit any age. It may be that production upgrades will install later if you install using the hard reset path, but there\’s no guarantee, at least not until AT&T do an OTA release. What\’s the risk? You might have to use the hard reset path in 6 months to step it forward if some bugs require upgrades and they don\’t work OTA.

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