RTM has already been signed off for Threshold 2 Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile according to reports and we can expect a new build any day now. At this point one of my main concerns is the lack of a reliable connection to our Microsoft Bands. I have had the Microsoft Band since the initial launch and was extremely satisfied with its performance on Windows Phone 8.1. I was able to control my music using Cortana and 9 out of 10 times was able to reply to text using voice without a problem, but since joining the Windows Insider program for Windows 10 mobile, that has not been the case. The Bluetooth connection is constantly lost and alerts are delayed sometimes not even shown. Worst of all interaction with Cortana is extremely buggy with more often than not, Cortana not being available because of lack of Bluetooth connection. For everyone reading I\’m specifically talking about Windows 10 Mobile on build 10581. I know I\’m not the only one with these issues because I\’ve visited many other sites and many other forums. What is odd to me is that Windows Central has made no issue of how bad notifications/ Cortana use is with this wearable. I\’ve recently updated to the Microsoft Band 2 hoping for a better experience, but the truth is the interaction between the phone and the band is deplorable. Truth is, not everyone will have a Microsoft Band 1 or 2 but the people still sticking around with Windows Phone/ Mobile and testing the Windows Insider builds are true Microsoft fans and most likely do have their wearable. So I ask this, why are we so close to the finish line in Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft\’s product, the Microsoft Band 1 or 2, still doesn\’t work the way it should? Is anyone else worried this will be overlooked by Microsoft and we will be stuck with a wearable that would perform better on another OS? Let me know what you think.

#1: Have you reported the concern to Microsoft in the Feedback App?#2: We\’ll have to test again when this next build hits and find out if there is still a problem. Microsoft needs to know there is a problem, though. It could be specific to your phone model, so it needs to be reported.

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