Hi. I love talking about back up images. I have a external drive where I always have 6 or 8 images of my OS stored. I use Macrium Reflect. I\’ve been using Macrium for years and it has never let me down. When I shut down or reboot, I get the choice to boot into Windows 10 or boot into Macrium Reflect System recovery. This makes me fearless, knowing I can boot into Macrium recovery and restore my PC back to exactly like it was the day I created the image. I wish everyone would learn how to do this and I\’m going to try and give yousome quick lessons. It\’s not that hard to do. Here\’s every thing you need to know about this program. http://knowledgebase.macrium.com/dis…+KnowledgeBaseThat\’s pretty scary, but I\’m going to try to show you how easy it really is. With 4 screen shots. You will have to use this program a few times to get familiar with it. There\’s not a lot of options.Macrium has made this user friendly. If this old man can learn this, you can also. There is so much you can do with this Program and if things go as I plan, I\’ll show you all the tricks and answer all your questions. Lets start with this much! Once you learn to create a image of your OS, you will be fearless like me! I love passing it forward!

Sense my title was Boot into Windows 10 or Boot into Macrium Reflect Recovery, I\’m going to add this to the thread for now. This is what I\’m talking about and here\’s the link that will tell you how to create this option. You won\’t need the recovery disk. This is a great new feature that Macrium added recently. I love this feature! Adding a boot menu option for Reflect recovery – KnowledgeBase – Macrium Reflect KnowledgebaseLater I\’ll show you how to mount a image as a drive, where you can copy and paste or drag and drop. I will do I best to answer your questions. Lets see how well this much is excepted for now!

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