I\’ve just cancelled my order for an Elite X3 after looking through the articles and forums of this website. It\’s funny that after all my research on the Elite X3 that it was actually a Windows "fan site" that persuaded me not to buy a Windows powered phone. I\’ve cancelled my order just to be cautious and can easily re-order if I get some official news that Windows on mobile has a future. And that\’s the thing. I have been persuaded to cancel my order by what I\’ve read on Windows Central, but, everything I have read, although convincing, has been purely speculation and theory. My question for this thread is this; will we get some official news from Microsoft during BUILD 2017 about the future of Windows on Mobile? If not then I won\’t re-order, if we do and it\’s positive news I\’ll re-order that day and settle with it. And this is the thing, Microsoft, through their silence and ambiguity are actively damaging the Windows Mobile brand by fuelling the negative journalism you find on this website, and forum. They are thus by extension damaging their reputation as a whole which will hurt their profits in other areas. BUILD 2017, with regards to Windows Mobile, seems like Microsoft\’s last chance to repair relationships with fans and developers. Even if the news is negative, people deserve to know once and for all so that they can make sound investments with their time and money. I might not be happy with negative news, but at least I\’ll feel like I can somewhat trust Microsoft again. What do you all think?

Many editorial Windows phone sites change the mind of many fans,I understand the state of what\’s going on, one converted many to Windows phone and they all use 950/XL and continue to do so, we try to think only about the positives and recommend the positives about the ecosystem, that being said compare the last 15 articles or so from this website and all aboutwindowsphone , I haven\’t checked site in a while, they continue to do what many Windows phone sites do little of

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