Now I have long waited (may be a couple of years) for a good budget Windows tablet to get introduced in the market, and now I have reached the position that I am badly needed a tablet. Knowing that we will possibly see some Snapdragon based Windows tablets in coming weeks, I want to know if any of current / existing tablets be a daily driver? My definition of daily driver includes following mainly a satisfiable battery life (and in fact thats what all I want to ask, you may change the post title to "Are Windows tablets battery life as good as Android tablets") New Android tablets gives battery life of at least more than one day. Is that the case with current Windows tablet? My use case will be mostly reading, browsing and creating/editing some docs. But we get basic Microsoft office suite, Chrome browser and PDF readers even on Android. So at least a day long battery life is worth. Most Windows tablets specs say x hours of battery (not days of battery). Also I feel they dont consider always on mode like those of Android tablets in which we dont really sht down the tablet. Is it so? In short======================================================================daily driver = good performance + good battery life + presence of required apps good performance = no lag on multi tasking say two apps open side by side at max or multiple chrome tabs (mostly satisfying processor and 4GB ram) presence of required apps = (for me main usage is reading which requires) MS Office + Chrome browser + PDF reader good battery life = at least day long battery life with moderate usage and always on standby mode (which is my main concern behind this post) An added requirement is budget friendly (<=25000 INR) and reliable build quality. Only disadvantages I can see is of Android tablet are1. I cannot run multiple instances of MS Word on Android2. I cannot run extensions on Android Chrome browserBut above two does not seem to be deal the breaker against possibly lesser battery life of Windows tablets. So the questions:1. does Windows tablets provide at least a day long battery life on moderate usage in always on / standby use? 2. Or should I stick to Android tablet? 3. Or should I wait for coming weeks for new snapdragon based Windows tablets? 4. Again I live in India and I need to buy a tablet in at max within a month. So will those new snapdragon tablets be available in India within a month? (Of course I need a budget tablet.)

1. This varies widely. Like Android tablets, it depends on the hardware and age. Some tablets get long battery life, some shorter. But you can get battery life comparable to Android depending. 2. For your usage, Windows works fine. 3. I don\’t have an opinion on this, it\’s an idea but I don\’t really know what\’s coming out to really say. 4. Unless we have specific models being announced already and with a hard ship date I doubt it.

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