I just bought a refurbished Dell Latitude E5419, with Windows 7. Updated to 10, now it keeps doing a update on my touch pad that sends my mouse jumping all over the screen, And I have to roll back my driver. Can I block the update

You can. You may remember in Windows 7 there was a "right-click and hide update" option in the updates list. Well that ability is still there, but the user interface has changed. You can manually type in commands in PowerShell to block the unwanted update, or use a "diagcab" (diagnostic cabinet file, a troubleshooter) that Microsoft has supplied to provide a UI for the same thing. They don\’t advertise this and they even use the misleading "temporarily hide an update" description, but in reality it truly does hide the update the same way as before. Use the steps outlined on this page to cancel that update, then clear the update cache so it won\’t get installed again. Or specifically: Use the official "Hide an Update from installing" tool then… Reset Windows Update to clear the update cacheIt worked for the person who originally posted under "Hidden updates return and install anyway – how do you hide longer?" and I think it will work for you as well.

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