I plan to buy the Yoga Book from Lenovo, which has 64gb of space. With software, recovery and other things, i get only 35gb to use. And mention, there is the windows 10 updates too, to install on the system. my question: Can I install windows 10 + updates on a sd-card because I running out of space? the yoga book has support for sd-card till 128gb. can i use this space only for windows 10 + updates? sorry for my bad english, thanks for any answer. 🙂

Hi I know very little about the Lenovo Yoga Book. I would think it would already have W10 on it. I don\’t know what good putting the updates on a sd-card would do as far as free space. My advise would be to get a external hard drive and keep all your data on it. Just use the C drive for the windows system.External hard drives are cheap and the last time I checked, they can hold 8TB. That\’s a lot of space. External Hard Drives, Portable Hard Drives – Newegg.com

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