I see most new laptops lack a DVD drive so I have two questions:1. Can I clean install Windows 11 using a USB stick? Do modern laptops detect the USB drive if there\’s not OS installed? In the past \’ve had many problems with installing from a USB drive and my Windows DVD always saved me.2. If my laptop comes with Windows 10 would you suggest a clean install or upgrade (if it\’s 10 Home I\’d definitely install Win 11 Pro as I want to use a local account). Thanks in advance & happy holidays!

Yes you can install Windows 11 using a USB and I suggest you to install using install assistant because if your system is eligible for windows 11 then definitely you are safe but if your system is not eligible for windows 11 then i suggest to stick on windows 10. Open the below link for downloading Windows 11 install assistant and windows 11 ISO download… https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?…token=_iZfnNm-

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