I haven\’t been receiving new builds for a long time on my 1520, it\’s currently on 14393.67. When I connect my 1520 to the Windows Device Recovery Tool on my pc it says that there\’s an update available for my device with a button to "install software". Can I safely use this to get a newer insider build? I\’m confused because I know this program is normally used to go back to older versions of windows… but it clearly says "There is an update for your device"… Here\’s a screenshot: wdrt.png

There are two kinds of updates to consider: Firmware, and OS.Given the image capture you\’ve shown, if you use WDRT, you\’ll be upgrading your firmware, and simultaneously downgrading your OS. Your firmware will go from 02540.00019.15053.26002 up to 02540.00019.15236.45003.Your OS will go from Windows 10 Mobile down to Windows Phone 8.1 – probably GDR1, if I\’m reading things correctly. You\’d then need to re-install the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile – your device is fully supported by Windows 10 Mobile, so you shouldn\’t need to go through the Insider program, but rather simply install and run the Upgrade Advisor app. Using WDRT, all your data will be wiped from the phone. And backups from Windows 10 Mobile probably cannot be restored while your phone is still running Windows Phone 8.x. You\’d probably have to re-install Windows 10 Mobile (ideally a version greater than or equal to the version you were running previously) before you could attempt to restore from a Windows 10 Mobile backup.

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