I am fully satisfied with the way the OS is developing, and mind you, I mean the OS, the operating system. Not the hardware or the release of new phones by new companies. This is my usage scenario – so if you\’re like me, welcome to the club

  • I use my phone to make calls, sms several times a day. Not a lot, just a few. Sometimes no calls or sms.
  • In addition, I also use it to receive calls and sms, obviously
  • I like doing thigs manually, because that gives me control. So checking emails when I want to, checking whatsapp when I want to, checking facebook at my own time and choice
  • I dislike notifications so I keep them off except for the important stuff like calss and sms
  • I upload photos or videos when I want to, not live or right now. So instagram photos – I\’ll take a photo now, review it and then upload it later. Sometimes even a month later
  • I don\’t have a lot of apps, probabaly 15-25 – mostly for productivity or photo editing
  • Music is copied over from pc and that\’s it. No streaming or onedrive storing
  • I only backup photos using a pc, never the phone
  • I store documents on the phone too, not through onedrive
  • Never found the need for onenote – still don\’t understand what you can do with it
  • Most things are usually off likle wifi or cellular, unless I need them
  • I check facebook via the browser, never an app – the app is a data hog, no arguments there
  • I don\’t use edge browser but UC browser so I can save on data
  • No glance screen -tried it once but aside from the time, there was no useful feature there
  • No double tap to wake either 🙂
  • Don\’t have a band so nothing about tracking data
  • Don\’t do banking or paying online except using mpesa

So with the use cases above, isn\’t W10M more than enough to satisfy a person who has their requirements like mine? Or am I a unique individual?

I\’m too

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