I\’m using Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 925 and am unable to send or receive MMS (text messages containing images). Mobile internet is working, as well as normal text messages but whenever I try to send a message containing an image, it simply says "failed – tap to try again". Of course, I can try again, it still doesn\’t work. APN settings are ok. Anyone having the same problem ? Note that on Windows Phone 8.1 I had no such problems on the same phone. This is Build 10586 but it already didn\’t work with previous builds.

It\’s a bug, probably in the messaging app. Like you said, it\’s been there for awhile, but there was an update for Messaging+Skype tonight, maybe it got fixed? Though, you\’re not the only one with that bug, I have it, and a lot of others on the feedback app has mentioned it.

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