Hi. I \’ve been using my windows 10 laptop for almost 3 years. Had no problem using it. today, this laptop wouldn\’t let me log in. I \’ve been using microsoft account for this laptop and i used PIN to log in. But it was changed from 4-digit PIN system to my microsoft account password system. I tried to log in, but it said i had entered the wrong password or account. So i reset my microsoft account password, and tried again(made sure that i was using the right account too). I even restarted my laptop. It did not work. I tried using safe mode, new keyboard(definitely have no problems with keyboard), and restarted my laptop more than 10 times. I did not work. So i shift+clicked restart button and went in to reset button. They asked me to put my microsoft account for that. But even if i typed the right password, it wouldn\’t let me reset it either. So i am suck here in this situation where i can\’t either reset nor fix the problem. One more thing, on the right down corner or the log in screen, there is power icon and network icon. I clicked on the network one, and it said \’can\’t connect to network service\’. And i did had my wifi at my house, and my family had no problems with wifi connection in their phones. I repluged my wifi modem and still did not work. I need an answer for this because i have school projects comming soon. Help me!

I dealt with someone who had this exact same problem and needless to say he had to do a clean install. I would suggest downloading Ubuntu Live so you can get into your files and back them up to USB storage or like he did upload to Google storage. Than do a clean install with Windows downloaded from https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?…token=whzt8pnU using the Media creation tool.

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