Help!!! I cannot see the Clipboard History with Windows Key + V. Windows places the Clipboard History in the lower right corner…very low and not in the center of the doc as was shown by someone touting it. IDK why the right click/paste only pasted the copy/paste item I did yesterday. (Edit here: I just did that copy-paste four times and the fifth time I got my current text that I couldn\’t retrieve with the Clipboard History…That is WEIRD. I\’m leaving this here because I would like to know how to get to the history so I can pin it before rebooting again) I changed my screen to 125% and increased font sizes. I think this is the problem. I changed it back but it said many apps won\’t use new settings until I reboot. If I reboot, I\’ll lose 3 hours of writing (started on a comment online and got into the groove then copied and cut to paste on a document) and everything else I didn\’t know was getting lost on reboots which Windows updates did when I was sleeping! 1.) Where are the clipboard files and app hidden? 2.) How do I stop Windows updates from rebooting my laptop? 3.) Why does Windows need to obscure everything? Nothing is simple or intuitive anymore. Now, this is one hour of messing with this. 4.) If you have a fix for enlarging my fonts without sabotaging so many apps that would be a great article and I\’d love a link to it. Thank you! I don\’t know what I\’d do without you brainiacs! I appreciate you!

Let a program store your clipboard items, I have been using \’clipboard magic\’ since XP. Lets you keep more than one clip list. Keep one for important work and a utility list for everything else, easy to switch between different lists.

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