Hi,I recently got a new 2015 Nissan Versa Note. 🙂 I believe it\’s trim level SV. I\’ve been trying to connect my Lumia 640, running W10M Insider .107 to play audio, but so far no luck.The car comes equipped with Bluetooth, but I believe it may be the calling profile ("voice") only. Cortana does work through it. But my Bluetooth menu shows it\’s not connected for music.The stranger thing is that the car has USB as well. But when I connect the phone to the USB, I get the message "check your device" on the car audio screen. I\’ve tried this with a WP8.1 device as well, just to verify that it\’s not W10M that is the issue, and I get the same message.Has anyone had any luck with something like this?Thanks.

Windows phones will not connect audio over USB.Go to the Nissan site for your radio and see what phones are supported and if BT audio is supported

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