Updated from windows 8.1 on a lumia 930 to windows 10 anniversary today handset newly purchased 2nd hand. Need to use Cortana hands free via Hey Cortana but on checking Hey Cortana is not engaging as it is saying Cortana is not turned on, which it is on the handset. 1) How do I get round this issue, have changed region and it still says the same thing. 2) If I reset back to 8.1, and set up Hey Cortana will the settings carry over when I upgrade to windows 10 anniversary again, or will it over write it. 3) Is there away to upgrade my handset to a previous version of windows 10 ie – 1511 – 10586 or are we stuck with anniversary now. Thanks for any advice in advance. Based in the Uk.

I believe you can only downgrade to 8.1 and not to an earlier build of Treshold now.Have you checked speech settings? Have you checked all the Cortana settings if you missed anything there? For me UK Cortana works fine, even though I\’m not from UK, there however is an issue with vocal interaction on RS 2 build that I am on atm but shouldn\’t be a problem on the anniversary update.

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