I have Cortana on my Windows 10 PC linked to my Android phone. I get a SMS on the phone and I get a notification on the desktop on the PC that I received the SMS and what it says. There is also a box to type my reply and send. I do so. Instead of sending the reply, Microsoft Edge opens to the Windows Store home page. It\’s bizarre. One clue. The words "Get incoming message from the Store" is printed next to the date of the message.

I found this on a search. I have had problems with Android and texting since day 1 of going android. I cannot send texts from my Windows 10 computers while using an android phone. Doesn\’t work through Cortana, doesn\’t work in the action centre. It\’s driving me nuts. Worked no problem on W10 Mobile on my 950. What is the secret? Anyone? I\’ve set up Cortana on my android phone and PC. It just won\’t friggen work.

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