Updated: 26-Mar-17

  • Outlook 2016 still doesn\’t support 2-step auth natively for outlook.com/Microsoft accounts, after 3 office versions.
  • There is still no outlook task list syncing in windows 10, even tho its a primary feature of office and given as training advice by Microsoft to use it for the last 10 years and everything up to windows 8 had it.
  • Windows 10 doesn\’t support account syncing of settings on normal workplace domains. Windows 8 supported this fine.
  • UWP apps still require a store to deploy normally, even after Microsoft insisted the uwp platform isn\’t tied to the store. E.g You cant have a community site with list of uwps that can be downloaded directly and install it, without having to change system settings. A developer cant even just give people an app to install without the users having to change these system settings. UWP is never going to be a replacement for win32 while it still has this walled garden.
  • Cortanas internet reliance, Cortana is the new "search" and "voice recognition" in windows 10, and nearly all the tasks that should not require an internet connection to perform, fail when there is a bad/no internet.
  • Skype preview still isn\’t a share target after a year (and is now released). The primary ms chat service should be one of the primary use cases for sharing.
  • Edge in general. Edge still crashes like mad, doesn\’t support things in websites that firefox/chrome does, doesn\’t have basic features like a half decent favourites manager.
  • Cortana/bing region feature locks. Cortana/bing have many features that a restricted by location. This is after ms said that Cortana and bing have had a lot of work done on them to not have to lock features to regions. The reasons given for region locking features are usually "to make sure they are up to quality", which goes against their own "fail-fast" development philosophy, what they said before, and the insider program in general.
  • Not having libraries as the default pictures/music/videos etc locations. The current setup is like the old xp "my pictures", where win7 gave a much needed overhaul of the system by allowing a system that was human and program understandable, supported multiple folders but with visual separation, allowed a default save location to be change easily, new locations could be added easily, automatically index the other folder locations for search, etc. The windows 10 system is like a 10 year step back in time. Libraries don\’t have any disadvantages compared to the old/current system, and even people who don\’t know anything about libraries wont be confused about them,
  • Drop in quality of touch device support from windows 8.
  • No swipe keyboard support on windows 10 desktop.
  • The confusion that having both a desktop and start tiles brings. Start tiles are essentially just desktop icons with an updating icon. So what is the expected use case of having both? When should I be making a start tile, and when should I be making a desktop shortcut? Why not just replace desktop icons with the tiles?
  • No ability to tell windows what locations to include in search. E.g. You cant create a folder on a 2nd hard drive and have windows search that folder. The normal search index locations arnt respected by Cortana.

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