I\’m getting some Windows Update errors (0x80244019 and 0x8007139f) which I\’m 99% certain are caused by an incomplete download of the update. Updating from Creators Update (RS2) to Fall Creators Update (RS3). I need it for some UWP API features. Prefer not to reset the device if I don\’t have to. I just need to be able to clear the C:\\Windows\\SoftwareDistribution folder where the new build is downloaded to (this is common on all Win10 devices). Is there any way to get access to this folder and delete/rename it? IIRC there used to be a way to browse system files in the built-in file explorer, using a shortcut, but that doesn\’t seem to work. Interop Tools from the store lets me browse system files on PC and Xbox, but not on the x3. I can only access registry.

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