A 2-in-1 laptop (Panasonic CF-XZ) I\’m setting up for someone has a something i\’d not noticed before – DisplayLink.I\’ve seen the brief headlines on what it is, and forums saying can it work with continuum. Is it one of these tech\’s that takes what should be in Windows (Continuum or MiraCast) and does it properly, or does it get in the way?How has anyone used this?

My Dell S2340T monitor has displaylink tech. It means that I can connect it to my computer\’s usb port and it will use it as the video source. I don\’t hdmi, vga, or a displayport for this to work. It\’s plug and play. The advantages of this are for windows laptops or tablets that might not have traditional video output ports but have a usb port. You just buy a displaylink monitor and you could use your windows tablet as a desktop replacement of sorts.

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