Little things I miss are, swipe to delete a message or thread. My phone allowing me to listen to, and use my voice to respond to text messages over Bluetooth while driving. Why am I seeing contacts just randomly delete themselves from my phone contact list? Doing a sync puts it back temporarily, but then it deletes again. I miss the dedicated camera button. The calculator app is missing some functionality that I really thought was common in all calculator apps. Yeah I\’m being a bit petty, but it\’s those little things that I\’m missing.

There\’s entire threads dedicated to that so you aren\’t alone. I haven\’t found a comparable solution to Cortana\’s text handling.I think you can change the SMS app (I use Signal when I\’m on Android) and those have varying functionality.The sync thing shouldn\’t be happening but I don\’t know what to tell you off the top of my head.Sony Xperia models usually have camera buttons, maybe others. It won\’t fix everything but this may help. For what it\’s worth, you do get some benefits. More flexibility, a competent web browser, you can preemptively disable alarms if you\’re up before it goes off, etc.

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