I have Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile on a Lumia 950XL, and even Win 8.1 on Lumia 1020. I also have a Groove Music Pass, used very little since the days of Zune music pass. I recently bought a Sony wifi speaker to evaluate DLNA streaming on my home wireless network. I can make everything work well enough on Windows 10 pcs by using Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player. However, I haven\’t succeeded in finding a working DLNA player for Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia 950XL. I have downloaded VLC for Windows Mobile and the Lumia Play To apps. The Windows Mobile VLC app crashes. Even when it doesn\’t, I can\’t see an option to stream to or cast to. I suspect the app needs a Windows 10 revision…The Lumia Play To app will generally not discover the Sony wifi speaker. Even if I connect the speaker via Ethernet to facilitate discovery, it posts an error that the media type is not supported. I almost think that some of this has to do with digital media rights, but I suspect my ignorance to be an equally dangerous part of this. Does anyone have some experience and/or recommendations on how I can do wifi streaming from Windows 10 Mobile while we wait to see if Microsoft ever builds cast to into Groove Music? Thanks,RicketyTiger

The "Smart Player" app works well for me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

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