I\’m considering a Lumia 950 for my next phone, and I have some general concerns, but one important thing is my email for work. We use GOOD for Enterprise, and I know that it\’s available for W10M, but not sure how well it works. It\’s got a bad rating, but alot of the reviews are outdated, for 8.1, etc. I didn\’t see anything about sign in security on the Store listing. I don\’t necessarily want to log into the email client with Hello, but will it at least allow me to use it to secure the phone? GOOD forces me to have a screen lock on my GS5A, so I assume the same on W10M. I\’d like to use Windows Hello (though I never have before, not sure how good it works) if I can, but I\’m concerned GOOD will block it out. Does anyone have experience with this? I tried doing a search, but the word "good" is pretty vague and hasn\’t shown anything relative, lol.

Good will not require you to have a lock screen on your phone, nor will you be able to use the same signin to unlock your phone as Good. The two sign-ins are completely separate. So, you can use Windows Hello to unlock your phone or a PIN. To unlock Good, you will have to enter its own password (it does not support opening with Windows Hello). In comparison to the versions on iOS and Android, the version of Good for WM is way behind. iOS has a nice feature to unlock Good with your fingerprint. The WM version does not support that or Windows Hello. The look and feel within Good is also behind on the WM version compared to iOS. Unfortunately, my employer quit supporting using Good on WM devices. Hope yours does not also take that route!

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