I have installed the windows 10 upgrade but I cannot find anything about installing windows xp mode. Also I am wondering if you can install drivers in xp mode?

Considering Windows 8 does not have XP Mode, I don\’t think 10 will have it. Also considering XP is no longer supported in nearly any regard. This page is helpful in using VMWare\’s Unity Mode which I\’m sure you\’ll appreciate. How to Get Windows XP Mode on Windows 8 I do not think driver installation will be necessary in XP Mode, considering the host OS, 7, already handles hardware. XP Mode was a feature of Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate which ran a copy of Windows XP (like a VM) except it was well blended into 7, IIRC. Think of the aforementioned Unity feature. It existed for compatibility issues that compatibility mode just couldn\’t tackle. Not common in normal use, but likely happened too often with outdated or non-updated bits of software used by businesses.

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