my friend bought a windows phone a while back. a 1520 he absolutely loved it…except for one thing. he said he couldn\’t background a windows fan, i want him to return to windows phone. naturally, he was using windows 8.1. can someone confirm that windows 10 has background downloading? i think he was using an app called zapya. and when he changed apps, it stopped downloading. as i cuurently have a sony xperia z3 (i know, i know…i\’m a sony fan too…but planned upgrade to the HP elite X3) so i cant test this.but let me know if any one of u guys can confirm this.we cant let windows phone dieand if i can get one more person on windows phone, i will be the happiest man on earth

From what I know, there is a background download service, but it\’s limited to 5 files at once (or something like that, which cripples it a lot). So basicly, there is background downloading, but it\’s not the kind of background downloading you\’d expect, or the kind you see on Windows 10 (for PCs) for example.Still, I don\’t see much use in it. It\’s only imortant for torrent apps, and the like.

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