No one ever seems to talk about Windows 10\’s Movies and TV app. I know the name is not clever and Microsoft never markets anything well, but this is a solid app that works well and I just learned to like it even more. After Gene Wilder passed away, my wife and I wanted to watch The Producers, his first film with Mel Brooks. Instinctively, I opened Amazon Video on my Xbox One and searched for it. Not there. I searched for the name and under Gene Wilder. Amazon had some documentary on Wilder, but that was it. No The Producers, no Blazing Saddles, nothing. I then checked Netflix, where I didn\’t really expect it. No Wilder films at all. I opened Movies and TV and searched for The Producers, and there it was! $2.99 to rent. Good visual and sound quality and we had a nice evening. Don\’t overlook Movies and TV. It is an overlooked treasure of an app.

Yeah, and you can link your account to Disney Movies Anywhere, so any Disney movie you buy, that comes with a digital code, will unlock on your MS account too! I wish you could link it to your Ultraviolet account also.

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