Recently I came across an KB Update issue that failed to install (KB4093105) via Windows Update. After a quick search on the internet I found silly solutions suchas a complete clean insta;; of the entire o/s just to install this update. The reason why people suggest this time consuming method is that this particular update if it doesn\’t install prevents any further updates being delivered through windows update. The reason why I say it is silly because are you really going to re-install the entire operating system for a KB update issue? To compound matters, some people will probably have older versions of Windows 10 and to "save time", they may use that but… to get upto Build 1709 (fall creators update) you need install a ton of updates (at the time of this post that is the lastest build pushed through Windows Update). So you\’ll end up downloading the updated iso from Microsoft and then creating a bootable USB, reinstalling and then setting up everything again. It\’s just time consuming. Some suggested rebooting the PC / Laptop etc – the old adage of "have you tried turning it off and on again" from IT support… doesn\’t always work .

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