There are a lot of shortcomings that I have learned to live with using a Windows Mobile device. A lack of popular apps, missing features and a paltry ecosystem to name a few, but there are some things that it seems Microsoft has done a half-*** job with that makes me wonder why they even bother. One glaring example is with email formatting on the Mail app in Windows Mobile 10. We have all seen it. It\’s a rare occasion that an email comes in and is formatted properly and readable. For text-only emails it is fine, but I\’m talking about emails with advertisements, pictures… It\’s laughable how bad Microsoft\’s email client is in this regard. I have submitted feedback on almost every new build and this goes uncorrected. It\’s sad when you consider that Microsoft, the enterprise company, is trying to market these devices to businesses and professionals. A good email client is key and the Mail app on Windows Mobile is far, far from a good client. cz0zarrwyaeowjc.png-large.jpg

I have the same opinion about mail app, but are there any good replacing app for reading e-mails? To configure IMAP mail service?

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