With 6 months to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro/Home without additional charges. (With the caveat that MS changes its policy to allow third party browsers as default if it came from the Windows Store). I have no idea why Microsoft didnt implement this policy, and here are my reasons: 1. This will force a lot of win32 apps like Firefox, Chrome, Adobe, and other popular legacy developers to use centennial bridge to add their apps into the Windows Store. 2. I strongly feel that most people use their laptops to browse the web, communicate with relatives via skype, messenger, or other live chat apps. The need to install apps downloaded from the web is genuinely for professionals and those types of people will undoubtedly have the knowledge/skills required to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. 3. This will also immensely help holographics, and Microsoft next vision of Mobile (Whatever that may be). 4. The idea that Windows is unsafe and "full of viruses and malware" will surely go away when the majority of the casual users are running Windows 10 S. The more sophisticated users never really have that concept in the first place. I really hope Microsoft is "testing the waters" with Windows 10S and getting old legacy win32 apps developers to port their apps into the Windows Store before Microsoft finally rolls out this policy officially in 2018. Maybe charge OEM less for licensing Windows 10 S instead of Windows 10 Home/Pro so it gives them incentive to push Win 10 S rather than the full version.

I\’m sorry but, are you insane…😂 (Just joking.😉) I get it why you think that, but if Microsoft manages to push us this version of Windows on which every app you would like to install has to be in the Store, I think we\’re would be about to lose your freedom to install on our PC\’s whatever application we want, and whichever version we want. Oh boy, you don\’t want to be in mercy of Microsoft, just look at what they\’re doing to us Windows Mobile users… Yesterday we used to have good working maps, and now what we have us cr*p compared to what we used to have. Trust me, if I was able, I would try to move back, but now we\’re their mercy. Plus, not to mention so meant apps made by developer teams which broke apart, so nobody would want to put them in the Store. Don\’t give up your freedom, man. I think that for this reason nobody should be buying these laptops. They are crippled in comparison to Windows 10 Pro laptops anyway. Sent from mTalk on Windows 10 phone

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