Getting tired of this Facebook app only getting updates every 5 months and mi or updates at that. We still can\’t go live,still can\’t do messenger calls. They just rolled out the pacman and other games to messenger, and Now they are rolling out the moments and stories feature to both Facebook and messenger and we will be left out again for who knows how long. I was lucky enough buy a Windows phone with 4gb of ram but prior to this I had a 640 and 640XL and it was awful using the app. Closes often after a couple minutes. I\’m actually considering gettin a sub $200 android phone and keep along with my idol 4s for Facebook alone. They did a great job keeping Instagram fairly up to date but Facebook claimed they were "all in" on Windows 10 Mobile with **** poor support. What is going on??

Take a look at the $229.00 ZTE V8 Blade Pro if you do go dual platform.

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