What are you doing with your Windows Phone? What are you planning to do with your Windows 10 Mobile device(s). What do you like to do with your Windows 10 Mobile? I am curious to know who all is still curious, thriving, or enjoying the Windows 10 mobile world out there… -Are you one who is rotating between the two or three you own ( that\’s what I do usually :] ) wishing one had aspects of the other? -Are you using them to the fullest? Meaning are you into tweaking it or customizing (Interop Unlock or reg editing / Developer Mode)? -Are you content with where you\’re at in using your current Windows 10 Mobile device? -Whatever you want to share? Ease of use is great on W10M. Email is superb. I like also that Microsoft has opened the door to development and the ability to access the registry for us technies, enthusiasts and do-it-your-selfers. These and many other things about Windows 10 Mobile has me latched and keeps me around too.

Well, it\’s no longer my primary device so I just try to update it every couple weeks to keep up with changes and see if anything exciting is happening.

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